A new chapter in a historic hotel...


When first constructed in 1927, the Pontchartrain Hotel rose up 11 stories and consisted of luxurious residential apartments. When prominent local lawyer Colonel Deutsch inquired as to the availability of the penthouse, the original hotel proprietor E. Lysle Aschaffenburg had to regretfully inform him that there was no penthouse.

“I know,” he replied. “But I’ll build one.”

Today, that penthouse has been converted into Hot Tin, an intimate rooftop bar where champagne and bright cocktails complement the 270-degree view of Downtown New Orleans and the Mississippi River. Modeled after a 1940s artist’s loft, the interior space is both airy and eclectic, a place where you can lounge on couches or explore the  wall of curios and knick-knacks that bring moments past into the present.  Glass accordion doors open onto the balcony, showcasing the incomparable view of Downtown, while a second, more secluded terrace offers a bird’s-eye view of Saint Charles Avenue.